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The Hoya Blue Board



Kurt Muhlbauer

Kurt, a junior in the College, is a die hard Hoya fan to say the least. When he's not in the front row at basketball games (Don't make the mistake most people do--his hair isn't actually blue), you'll find him in the stands at some other Georgetown sporting event. He was also the designer and driving force behind the basketball student section t-shirts. Basically, the man is obsessed. No one is exactly sure how he's managed to survive two years at Georgetown, since his every waking moment is devoted to Hoya sports.



Steven Medlock

Steve is a senior in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.  He is an Oklahoman both by birth and the grace of God.  Steve has been involved informally in Hoya Athletics since he first came to the Hilltop.  After working with the Georgetown Program Board, Hoyathon, DC Schools, and GUSA he joined the executive board of Hoya Blue in September.
Steve's likes: Doggy steps, Chicken Fried Steak, Jonathan Wallace, Mario Kart, and court rushing
Steve's Fears: Girls and Midgets.  Especially Midget Girls.



Thomas Ryan

Thomas has spent a lot of the first three years of his Georgetown career in the stands of some sporting event. Whether he was watching a football game, road tripping to see the basketball team take on Boston College, Penn State or St. John's or trying to figure out how lacrosse works, he was cheering like mad for the Hoyas. Despite a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the 7'2" sensation that is Roy Hibbert, he still manages to maintain a tight grip on the budget of Hoya Blue so that every dollar goes towards increasing the excitement at Georgetown sporting events.  Recently, his focus has been on the awesomenessocity of Josh "The Dagger" Thornton, although the 7'2" Sensation always remains foremost in his thoughts.




Raymond Borgone

Ray has been described as the workhorse of Hoya Blue. Forsaking body paint and wigs for a Georgetown t-shirt and a backwards cap, Ray may not be the most recognizable member of the organization, but he is certainly one of the most dedicated. Rather than in the front row screaming his head off, you're most likely to find Hoya Blue's soft-spoken Events Officer working the grill, selling tickets or t-shirts, or doing some of the less glamorous jobs required to make Hoya Blue events successful. His loyalty to Georgetown University, Georgetown athletics, and Hoya Blue are evidenced by the countless hours of hard work he puts into trying to make every Hoya Blue event a great success.




Michael Segner

Michael is a sophomore in the College and has been a long time fan of Hoya athletics. Not only has he attended countless football, basketball, and lacrosse games, but he is also close friends with Jack the Bulldog. Always ready to burst into the fight song, Michael takes great pride in being part of the Hoya tradition. This will be his first year on the Hoya Blue Board as Personnel Officer and plans on keeping every member of Hoya Blue involved and informed.



Megan O'Donnell
Overcoming her family's University of Maryland background by attending Georgetown, Meg now hearts all things Hoya related.  Along with stealth copying missions to lobbying firms in Arlington, she is also in charge of flyers, posters and, most importantly, cheer sheets.  She wishes she was Jessie's Girl, though she now argues that she is, since she's friends with Jessie Sapp on the Facebook. 
She is also involved with two of the "lesser" groups on campus (i.e. not Hoya Blue, the be all and end all of Georgetown student groups), Senior Class Committee and ESCAPE.


Matt Kamenski
Matt is a junior in the College and a devoted Hoya fan from California who has worked long and hard to improve student spirit on Georgetown's campus.  As Communications Officer, he updates this very website and sends out mass e-mails to the 1,000+ students on Hoya Blue's e-mail list.  Noticeable at basketball games with his big blue Afro wig and aviator glasses, Matt is also the designated "flag man" at games.  In addition, Matt is famous for his staredown with UConn coach Jim Calhoun last January at the MCI Center, and is pretty sure he still haunts Calhoun's nightmares every night.

LXR Hall Captain Gregory Muha
Village B Hall Captain Will Powers
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Southwest Quad Hall Captain Elizabeth Buckel
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