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Dorm Captain Application

Download below or copy and paste into a word document, complete, and e-mail to by Friday, May 5.

Hoya Blue Dorm Captain Application (Word Document)

Hoya Blue Dorm Captain Application



Please fill out the following information, answer the following questions, and submit the finished application to or  Applications are due Friday, May 5 (if you need extra time, please let us know).


Applications should be saved as “firstname lastname.doc” (ex. Michael Segner.doc). There are no minimum or maximum word requirements in answering the questions.


Dorm Captains are constitutionally required to go to 50% of the meetings and 75% of the Hoya Blue sponsored athletic events.


If you are currently a Dorm Captain of Hoya Blue please fill out the personal information and the first question. Hoya Saxa.






Phone Number:




Residency for 2006/2007 School Year:


  1. Why do you want to be a Dorm Captain? What qualities make you qualified?

















  1. What do Georgetown Athletics mean to you and where do they stand in your list of priorities?

























  1. Describe what you feel should be the goals of Hoya Blue. How should these be accomplished? Do you have any innovative ideas to promote school spirit?



















  1. Who is Georgetown’s traditional rival? How do you feel about this school? (There is a correct answer to this question, feel free to discuss at length).













E-mail to by Friday, May 5.

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