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About Hoya Blue & HB Essentials


Founded in 1997, Hoya Blue is Georgetown's official student spirit organization.  We support all Georgetown sports, men's and women's.  We prowl the MCI Center at men's basketball games, organizing our student section and making our opponents fear us.  We organize massive road trips to away games, anywhere from Virginia to Connecticut.  We grill burgers and hot dogs before football games, and bang on pots and spoons during the game.  We throw pre-game barbeques for soccer and lacrosse, and raise hell in the stands.  We sell shirts and tickets and give away free stuff in Red Square and in front of Leo's.  We make banners and post flyers for games and throw victory parties afterward.  Most of all, we LOVE Georgetown athletics and have a great time doing what we do.
No matter who you are, we want you to be part of our group and share our love of Georgetown athletics.  If you want to come to meetings and get involved, or if you just want to be kept up to date on Georgetown sports and Hoya Blue events, we want you.  Anybody can join our e-mail list by sending an e-mail to

"We Are Georgetown" Shirt
This is the gray shirt that we wear to all Georgetown men's basketball games.  It says "We Are Georgetown" on the front (coach John Thompson III's favorite cheer), and on the back there is a giant III, in honor of Coach Thompson.  On the back is also a slogan that changes every year.  This year's slogan is "Respect is Back, Fear is Next."  Everybody in the student section wears this shirt to create a sea of gray behind both baskets at the MCI Center.  The shirt comes free with basketball season tickets, and are also given out at games.  If you don't have one yet, send an e-mail to, and we can hook you up.
"I Bleed Hoya Blue" Shirt
This is the shirt worn at all games except men's basketball.  We wear these in the stands to create unity among the students and intimidate the opponent.  These shirts are $10 for students, $15 for alumni and non-students.  They can be bought during our tabling shifts in front of Red Square and Leo's, as well as at most Hoya Blue events.  They also guarantee free food at Hoya Blue pre-game barbeques.
Hoya Saxa, We Are Georgetown, Let's Go Hoyas, Here We Go Hoyas, Here We Go...
This is a sampling of some of our cheers.  Learn them.  Know them.  Lead them at games, even if you're around people you don't know.  We at Hoya Blue are proactive fans and love getting the student section involved.
Wigs, Face Paint, Aviators, etc.
At Hoya Blue, we love you just the way you are.  However, we wouldn't be opposed if you'd like to paint your face blue and gray or wear a blue wig to the game.  In fact, we strongly encourage it.  If you want face paint, find us in the front row at MCI and we'll gladly fix you up.  Wigs are available to buy at the Yates Pro Shop.
We Be Grillin'
At Hoya Blue, we like to grill.  A lot.  Besides, nothing says "Good Morning" like a warm, tasty frankfurter.  Before soccer, football, and lacrosse games, we set up barbeques serving burgers, hot dogs, and drinks.  Pre-game barbeques are FREE if you're wearing the "I Bleed Hoya Blue" shirt.  $2 for food, $1 for drinks otherwise, all you can eat.
How Long's It Been... The Fight Song
The Georgetown Fight Song is steeped in tradition, and is a staple at Hoya sporting events.  The band routinely plays it several times a game for basketball and football.  Every Georgetown student should know the fight song and be ready to bust into it at any time.
For your convenience, we have provided a link to the Fight Song's lyrics and a rousing rendition by the Georgetown Chimes below.  Hoya Saxa!

The Georgetown Fight Song