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About Hoya Blue

    Few people actually know how Hoya Blue came about.  For most, Hoya Blue just is.  And that's the way it should be.  To put it simply, Hoya Blue is Georgetown's Student Spirit Club.  Now, you may ask, "What does that mean?" and, if you did, here's the answer.  As the Student Spirit Club, Hoya Blue is charged with promoting all Georgetown sports and creating an exciting atmosphere at games.  It is a duty we take very, very seriously.  More seriously than we take the Georgetown-Syracuse basketball game.  Yes, even more seriously than that. 


    In order to carry out our sacred duty (We're a Catholic school, we get to do sacred duties--kinda cool, isn't it?) we do things like have BBQs before games, lead cheers in the student sections, plan, organize and go on road trips (Look for our trip to Annapolis to watch the Men's basketball team sink Navy in November), throw victory parties and go to all the Georgetown sporting events, from Swimming and Diving Meets in Yates (If you think basketball games are loud, you should hear the echoes in that place) to Field Hockey games on Kehoe to Baseball games in Bethesda.  Basically, we go to the games, we have fun and we cheer our fellow classmates onto victory.  It's that simple.


    If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, either go to our sign up page, email us, or come to one of our biweekly meetings.  Whether you're willing to devote your life to Hoya Sports like these people, you just want to help us put up a few flyers before our next event, or even if your SFS/Nursing/Pre-Med/Other Clubs/Whatever commitments mean you only have time to have a hot dog at the BBQ and watch the game, WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US.  Everyone is welcome in the student section, so long as you're willing to cheer!


And one final thing--Don't forget to wear your "I Bleed Hoya Blue" T-Shirt to the game!


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